Verified is the second tool to use in the suite of three applications that FoodReg provides to help companies achieve, verify and maintain compliance with standards. Verified is a tool for the internal auditing department of large organisations, facilitating and managing the audit process, and the maintenance of audit status records.

Verifed has five primary functions:

  • to help audit teams plan their work programme and manage each audit work team
  • to provide structured control over audits in accordance with the standard to be audited
  • to provide direct computer entry when auditing in the field, automatically synchronising with other audit team members and with central audit records
  • to allow supervisors and managers to view in detail the status of auditing tasks
  • to provide central records of the status of audited operations, with automated management of non-conformance issues and of return audits

Verified significantly increases the productivity of audit teams, by minimising the time necessary at the office for copying data from manual records and for preparing reports.

FoodReg provides special versions of Verified to external audit teams, such as certification bodies and control authorities.

Verified can be adapted to any standard and can support audits of multiple standards in parallel. work in any scale of organisation, with team members at each operating unit working in parallel on compliance preparation, and with collation of information from multiple operating units for review by central management - in real time if required.