Assured is the third tool to use in the suite of three applications that FoodReg provides to help companies achieve, verify and maintain compliance with standards. Assured is a tool for the operational, day-to-day management of compliance with standards, best practice criteria and standard operating procedures.

Assured has six primary functions:

  • to collect data in real time, or in near real time, of operational parameters that impact on compliance with chosen standards, rules and procedures
  • to integrate with existing organisational data sources, such as ERP, MES and OSH systems, where required to build operational compliance records while avoiding duplication in data entry
  • to provide supervisors and managers with a direct view of operational compliance, and to provide automated alerts on any cases of non-compliance
  • to trace the movement or modification of products, providing records to show compliance at all stages of the product history, or to build up cumulative data relative to the product
  • to record the history and statistics of processes
  • to provide summarised data to central management of distributed operations

Assured can also record any required operational data, not necessarily related to compliance, and can be configured to alert of any unusual conditions as well as providing statistical and summary reports - thereby helping to identify opportunities for improvements in operational efficiency.

Assured can work in any scale of organisation, combining information from multiple operating units, if required.