Assessed is the first tool to use in the suite of three applications that FoodReg provides to help companies achieve, verify and maintain compliance with standards.  Assessed guides organizations in working through standards, to meet all the criteria and collate the required documentation.

Assessed has four primary functions:

  • to provide step-by-step guidance to staff as they progress towards compliance
  • to allow supervisors and managers to view in detail the status of compliance efforts
  • to maintain a database of all supporting documentation required for compliance and for review by auditors
  • to maintain a live record, following initial achievement of compliance, of all structural or documentation changes that affect compliance status

Assessed can also be seen as a self-assessment tool, to ensure that an organisation is ready before applying for certification (and to provide an easy mechanism to check that the organisation is not slipping out of compliance).

Assessed can work in any scale of organisation, with team members at each operating unit working in parallel on compliance preparation, and with collation of information from multiple operating units for review by central management - in real time if required.