TRACE IP was Europe’s largest research project on food traceability.  Almost 20m€ of public money were spent to improve our understanding and implementation of food traceability. TRACE IP can rightly be seen as part of the leadership role that Europe has taken in electronic traceability. In TRACE, FoodReg was responsible for enterprise applications and part of the standard development team that create TraceFood with its XML standard TraceCore. FoodReg also led the effort to create, a well-visited resource to introduce food traceability from a number of angles.

TRACE piloted its standard using chain traceability systems in a number of subsectors:

Mineral water

FoodReg provided the Spanish mineral water company Insalus with a traceability system, showcasing TraceCore XML, a industry standard for the exchange of traceability data, by integrating with the chain traceability infrastructure developed by TraceTracker.

The video here gives an overview of the demonstration activity on mineral water at Insalus. 


FoodReg deployed a traceability solution for France’s largest honey producer, Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, to follow honey and packaging materials electronically through the production process with the objective to improve traceability for increased food safety and improved warehouse management.


FoodReg deployed a solution for Dafa Chia Tai (Beijing, China) to manage recipes and major operational records for traceability purposes. The solution helped improve production efficiency, speedy recall and overall food safety of the operations.