Privacy statement

FoodReg uses strict methods to ensure that its products and services protect the confidentiality of businesses and individuals. The operation of this public website is less strict, since we do not take any special security measures to ensure confidentiality, but we will maintain confidential any data that we might gather on visitors the web site.


  • The data collected via forms, electronic mail and other methods will be used exclusively for the purposes indicated on the form filled in by the user or visitor.
  • We will not provide to third parties nor sell or share this data if this is not included on the form or agreed in our communications.
  • We will not contact our users or visitors except where this is necessary for the service required or otherwise with their agreement.
  • We will not use this data for the commercial ends of third parties except in situations where the person has given their permission for this use.
  • If we are required for legal reasons to provide this data to competent authorities, we will endeavour to notify the person of this fact.