Transparency vs. confidentiality

The goal of KnownSources is transparency to the originating sources, but not transparency of the supply chain itself.

FoodReg – who developed and operates KnownSources – acts as a trusted third party, collecting data from each player in the chain to calculate traceability and sustainability, and to provide identification of the supply base, without risking anyone’s secrets. FoodReg takes strict precautions to protect the confidentiality of its users and to ensure that KnownSources cannot be used in a way that infringes anti-trust or competition law.

KnownSources enhances transparency in the palm oil industry by ensuring that those using palm oil products know where they originated.  In addition, KnownSources provides statistics to measure the progress of the industry towards traceability and - the key goal - is to measure and encourage the progress towards sustainability of the supply base.

The Confidentiality Policy, that governs the usage of data and the handling of confidential information on KnownSources can be seen here: KnownSources Confidentiality Policy